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Global Action against Burmese military Embassy

 22 Arkana St , Yarralumla , Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Friday May 4, 1 pm


A Global Action against widespread human rights violations, including forced

labor in Burma.


The Global Action will be launched simultaneously in various parts of the

world on May 4, 2001 (Friday). We are launching this worldwide campaign

against the ruling military junta because:


More than 1,500 people, including at least 34 Members of Parliament, remain

imprisoned for political reasons.


Despite the August 2000 call for economic sanctions by the world's labor

body, the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Burmese military

continue to use forced labor systematically on a large scale. Over two

million Burmese people have been subjected to forced labour.


"Men and women of all ages are forced to work against their will, including

children and elderly people. Women are particularly at risk. Incidents of

gang rape by soldiers are frequent, and many victims have been murdered

afterwards", says the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

(ICFTU) recently.


The ICFTU has urged national and multinational companies trading with and/or

investing in Burma to withdraw as a matter of urgency because "it is

impossible to maintain business relations with Burma without directly or

indirectly supporting forced labor in Burma".


The ICFTU has called for an International Day of Union Action for Burma to

be organized on 1st May 2001 against the ruling military junta in Burma. The

Burmese democratic movement has responded with this Global Day of Action on

May 4.

Authorised by:

Ko Maung Maung Than - Central Coordinator, Free Burma Action Committee

Telephone: +61-2-96435646; mobile 0411337816


Jeremy Pyner - Secretary Australian Capital Territory-Trades and Labor


Telephone: 0407065254