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Statement of the May 25 Protest in Canberra outside the military embassy.


We are the members of Burmese community in Australia and the supporters for the call for a peaceful dialogue in Burma.  In This demonstration at the Burmese Military Embassy we would like to express our support the All Burma Young Monks Union (ABYMU) that is the main Burmese young monks Organization located inside and outside the country.


Today is the deadline called by the Monks Union for the establishment of peaceful dialogue between Burma's SPDC Military Regime and democratic legitimate leadership particularly the Committee Representing People's Parliament (CRPP).


The ABYMU has promised peaceful action if the dialogue does not proceed, but indications from Burma are that there will be a violent crackdown against the monks if they act.  Australia and international governments immediately order to urge their citizen from Burma, as they are the potential targets of counter violence in the country.


We suggest that the Commonwealth Government's offer to provide human rights training for the military regime does not have the support of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Movement for Democracy in Burma" Therefore, it must be stopped.  We call for the military regime to unconditionally agree with the dialogue with Committee Representing People's Parliament.  We are also calling for the international community to cut all ties with the brutal regime in Burma

We firmly declare that we will not rest till we win democratic change in Burma through peaceful dialogue with CRPP -


Free Burma Action Committee

25 May 2000 outside Burmese military embassy

P 0 Box 160, Lidcombe Post Office Lidcombe. NSW 2141