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 AFP : Tensions spill over outside Myanmar embassy in Australia


CANBERRA, May 4 (AFP) - Australian police clashed with demonstrators after a Myanmar flag was set on fire in a demonstration outside the Myanmar embassy here Friday.


A squad of about 10 police in full riot gear held back about 40

demonstrators, who had been sitting in the road to protest about the use of forced and child labour in the Southeast Asian nation.


About 40 police -- including dog handlers -- had blocked the roads

surrounding the embassy.


Local trade union leader Jeremy Pyner accused the police of overreacting by pushing the protesters aside to extinguish the flag during what had been a peaceful protest.


"They were out there at the intersection, the police just went ape and waded in with fire extinguishers," he said.


"There was barging and barging, it was just an absolutely unbelievable response by the police."


Police also confiscated what they said may have been a molotov cocktail from a car carrying protesters. The protesters said the bottle contained urine.