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Emergency statement No 2 of All- Burma Young Monks Union (ABYMU),
regarding the current political situation inside Burma

1-ABYMU strongly condemns SPDC military regime over the announcement (Dated 19th May 2000) indicating there will be violent crackdown against the monks.

2- The SPDC will bear sole responsibility for any consequences that might occur as the results of a violent crack down, therefore the monks have sent second
warning to the regime, as it is impossible for them to restrain the anger of the people inside and outside the country.

3- The SPDC' threat will not affect the monks’ demands for peaceful

dialogue . The leading monks confirm the campaign will proceed as planned
(a) There will be protests the monastery strike center
(b) A protest march will be organized along three routes toward Rangoon.

4. The monks, students and people have held discussions and reached agreement, during 99 days, to co-operate with each while forming various groups.

The Young Monks Union has received the evidence that counter violence against the property owned by or related to the SPDC will occur any place where
the violence is committed by the regime.

5.Therefore the investors and tourists are urged to leave the country and the foreign governments are requested to evacuate their own citizen immediately.

6. We express our deep sadness to learn that United Nation is unable to intervene in response to the demands made by the monks. It is a sign of admittance
of UN's failure to guarantee the safety of the world populace.

7. We appeal the monks and people of the country to be united in this time of national emergency.

Central Leading Committee

All Burma Young Monks Union Date: May 22, 2000