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                          9999 Action Committee was founded by ABSDO [All Burma Students Democratic Organization] Australia on [1.8.99] to organize activists from Burmese community in Sydney and prepare for a demonstration at Burmese embassy, Canberra on 9.9.99 as a Global Action Day movement against military regime in Burma. We also had a hanger strike between 20.8.99 to 1.9.99 in front of NSW Parliament in Sydney before 9999 Global Action.

After that 9999 Action Committee has changed the name to FBAC [Free Burma Action Committee] on [19.09.99] to implement further direct political actions and to eliminate illegal military regime in Burma. We held a Public Forum on [14.11.99] to achieve international parliamentary recognition of CRPP [Committee Representing Peopleís Parliament in Burma] as a legally representing committee found by NLD and four other elected parties. We had successfully accomplished the following major actions.

[1] We made a demonstration on [11.2.2000] at Thai Embassy in Canberra, ACT regarding about the Thai authority handling of Ratchburi Hospital siege by ten warriors from the Godís Army. We consider the handling as a summery execution and condemn gross human rights and worker rights violations on Burmese people in Thailand. (Statement on Ratchburi Hospital siege)

[2] On 5.5.2000 we demonstrated against SPDC [Ruling military regime in Burma] at Burmese embassy Canberra to immediate release of all political prisoners including Chairman, U Saw Mra Aung and secretary, U Aye Thar Aung of CRPP [Committee Representing Peopleís Parliament] in Burma to achieve dialogue between CRPP and SPDC.

[3] On 12.5.2000 we campaigned the NSW Parliament to recognize the CRPP in Burma and President of NSW Parliament; Meredith Burgmann has released statements to CRPP and FBAC in support of struggle of CRPP for freedom and democracy in Burma.( Meredith Burgmannís statement)

[4] On 19.5.2000 demonstrate against the Human Rights Commission in Sydney and able to make a meeting with commissioner, Mr. Chris Sidoti to stop the arrangement of human rights training for Military regime in Burma. He promised to give human rights training to Burmese community in Sydney instead of SPDC. (Open letter to Mr. Chris Sidoti)

[5] On May25 and 26.2000 we demonstrated against the brutal crackdown of SPDC on the peaceful demand of Buddhist monks [Mandalay Monks Union and All Burma Young Monks Union] to dialogue SPDC with CRPP in Burma. (Media release from FBAC)

[6] On 2.6.2000 we demonstrated at Prime Minister Office in Sydney to call for the Federal Government to take action in support of CRPP in Burma, to cut all ties with brutal regime in Burma, and to impose tough measure including economic sanction against the regime. We also demand international bodies particularly the United Nation to unseat the SPDC regime in support of democratic representation of CRPP.( Open Letter to Prime Minister of  Australia)

[7] On 5.6.2000 we joined together with Singaporean prodemocracy activists and protested against Deputy Prime Minister, Brigadier General Lee Hsein Loong at Regent Hotel in Sydney to stop all commercial links with the repressive Burmese military regime, as Singapore is the largest foreign investor in Burma.( Press release from Student Representative Council of University of Sydney)

[8] On 8.6.2000 we hold a demonstration at Japanese Consulate in Sydney to protest against the official attending of murderer Khin Nyunt, Secretary one of SPDC as a legal Government on Japanese Prime Minister funeral, to condemn the crackdown of Japanese police on peaceful demonstrators against the arrival of the murderer in Japan and to stop all economic ties with SPDC.

[9] On 9.6.2000 hold a meeting with Department of Foreign Affair and Trade in Canberra, ACT  .We expressed our demand to abolish the planning of human rights training to SPDC in Burma and Australia.We also had a meeting with vice chancellor of Canberra University relating to consider reopening scholarship programme to take Burmese students in exile.