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Students' Situation under the Military Dictatorship




  In the hand of the current junta, the situation of the students and

schools are becoming worse. We, the Foreign Affairs' Committee (Bakatha)

would like to express the current situation of the Basic Education High

School (BEHS) No.1, Mingalartaungnyunt township, Rangoon as an example.

School Attendance

The classrooms of BEHS No .1, Mingalertaugnyunt Township, Rangoon are being

prepared, because Lt. Gen. Khin Nyunt will arrive at the school and open

the multimedia classroom. For that reason, the students are attending only

one day a week. Most of the students are not caring to learn in the

classroom and are relying on tuition. Moreover, they are relying on

answering " the spot question " during examinations. One student has to

spend at least 3000 kyat a month for tuition.

School Situation

During recent school terms, the former head master of the school, U Tun Kyi

abused the school funds. As a result, he was dismissed form his post and

some teachers were transferred. A car repair workshop has been allowed to

open for the school fund in the grounds of the school and the noise of the

workshop makes the students annoyed when they attend the school. Although

the teachers established some canteens for the students' welfare, the

prices at the canteen are higher than other restaurants selling outside of

the school. Each student has to donate at least 3000 Kyat in order to

establish a multimedia classroom in the school.

Character of the Students

A student attending the sixth standard in this school was dismissed because

of selling ganja and a student attending the eighth standard in the same

school, was also dismissed for holding a knife. After his dismissal, the

eighth standard student threatened other students with the knife and robbed

them of their money. Therefore, the head master of the school and some

students arrested and sent him to a police station.

According to a group of  (Basic Education Student Union) BESU based inside

Burma, the students are going to be examined for the first test and the

students and their parents are very worried about the education system.


Foreign Affairs' Committee

All Burma Federation of Student Unions.

9, October 2000.