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Open letter to Chris Sidoti, Chairperson of Human Rights and Equal Opportunities


We are members of Burmese community and their supporters here to demand the immediate cancellation of the process to implement a 'so called' Human Rights Commission in Burma.

We condemn you for ignorance to the plight of Burmese members of 50 parliaments elect under detention and all 3000 political prisoners.

We are very concerned about increasing political suppression that has reached to an extent that we Australian and international community should cut all ties with the regime.  Since 24th of May, the Secretary of the Committee Representing People's Parliament was arrested.  Elected MPís, activists and monks have also been recently arrested in various part of the country.

The regime continues to reject the call for recognition of the results of the elections by convening a democratically elected parliament as per the 1990 elections results.

Our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has strongly expressed her objection to your c ea to set up Human Rights Commission and Human Rights training.  She has compared this project to letting the fox guard the chicken and a fox training Organization.

The people of Australia are rightly concerned that the Federal Government has allocated budget to implement a Human Rights Commission, which could never be an independent body under a ruthless regime known as State Peace and Development Council, SPDC.

Legitimizing the brutal regime ignores the suffering of 50 million people who have been enduring 37 years of dictatorial rule since 1962.  People from all walks of life have been in dire need of human rights to improve their lives.  All form of suppression of Human Rights has been taking place on all of the population including ethnic and religious. Minorities.

We want you to confirm the cancellation of the plan to provide Human rights training for Burmese military intelligence in Australia.

We want you to organize a Human Rights for Burma forum at your office at an early date as you promised in the meeting with Burmese and Australian students last August 5th the day you returned

from Burma.

We have solid support from various student unions, Trade unions, community groups.  We also have support from arrange of Federal and state parliamentarians and political parties in this demand to an immediate halt to all co-operation between Australian Human rights commission and the illegal brutal and illegitimate dictatorship.

Free Burma Action Committee

19th May 2000

Po Box 160

Lidcome Post Office

Lidcome 2141