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Free MinKoNaing Campaign Committee, Burma (FMCCB)

Statement no.1(2001)

Date,10 February,2001



(1) Free Min Ko Naing Campaign Committee, Burma (FMCCB) was formed on

February 01,2001, at the Thai-Burma border with the closed friends of Min

Ko Naing.


(2) FMCCB is not a political party, a front, a league, an umbrella

organization and an affiliated to any other organizations.


(3) FMCCB welcome everybody as an individual who admire and befriend Min Ko

Naing and student prisoners of Burma for their sacrifices.


(4) FMCCB is set up to give a prior highlight on Min Ko Naing in particular

because of his symbolic role in the Burmese student movement though, it

will be working together with and assisting to all groups for the release

of the rest of political prisoners in Burma.


(5) FMCCB will carry out the following functions.


(a)    To gather the news and situations about MinKoNaing (and other            student prisoners) and inform to all members regularly.


         (b) To release the press statement about the situations of

MinKoNaing (and other student prisoners) for international awareness and



         (c) To coordinate all-inclusive networks and timely programs for

free Min Ko Naing campaign.


         (d) To make documentary and organize the exhibition about Min Ko


         (e) To establish the mutual understanding and solidarity between

the International students and students of Burma.


         (f) To request to the United Nations and International Governments

to apply the necessary means to have MinKo Naing (and other student

prisoners) release from the jails.


         (g)To promote the images and sacrificing role of Min Ko Naing (and

other student prisoners) for International recognition.



(6) FMCCB will not raise the funding from any donors by using Min Ko

Naing's name. FMCCB is a committee purely bases on the voluntary binding,

and commitment to Min Ko Naing and fellow colleagues.


(7) FMCCB will dissolve its formation when MinKoNaing (and other student

prisoners) are freed.


(8) Please visit to our web site <> for more





 Moe Thee Zun , Aung Din , Thu Rein, Htet Khaing ,

 Min Zin , Than Dok, Bo Kyi.