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Statement on Seige of Ratchburi Hospital, Thailand


The ten gunmen belong to the God's Army who seized Ratchburi Hospital; Western Thailand on 24 January 2000 was an act out of sheer desperation, which was quoted by many reputable international news agencies including The Nation, Bangkok Post and local Thai newspapers.

They were facing hard-pressed major military offensive by ruthless Burmese army at the time and the casualties were very high.  There were no medical treatments available at all.

The situations have become bad to worse when Thai army shelled 220 rounds of 120-mm rocket launchers on the God's Army position.  There were more than 300 villagers relying on the God's Army and also becoming victims as a sandwich between the Thai and Burmese armies.  There were no more places to run.

What choices have they got left?

The IO gun men waited one night with hunger in the bush to hijack a bus to take them to the hospital to get desperately needed medical aid and bring them back to their bases.  Their humane demands of ... to stop shelling by the Thai army... provide medical aid to the wounded civilians and its members and ... allowed war refugees to cross into Thai side for a temporary shelter ... were ignored.

But their severe desperation forced them to siege a hospital, which was a wrong target and a wrong strategy in using guns to hold patients as hostages.  However many hostages and the hospital staffs remarked them as gentle and had no intentions of harming the hostages.

They killed no body but they have been killed, after surrendering to Thai authorities.  They were executed in cold blood by been stripped, tied and shot in the heads.  Many eyewitnesses and news agencies quoted it.


Summary execution is a serious crime.

Were these 10 men summarily executed?

We want justice in this matter.