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Royal Thai Embassy


Fax: (02) 6273 1518

Date: November 14, 2000

Subject: Mr.Kyaw Ni (a) Jonny and Mr. San Naing (a) Ye Thi Ha are given legal

access to fair trial by the Thai government or Thai court.

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are struggling for democracy in Burma, which has been under the military rule since 1988. We have been involved the democracy movement in Burma, Thailand and Australia.

We heard about Mr.Kyaw Ni (a) Jonny and Mr.San Naing (a) Ye Thi Ha were arrested by the Thai secret police cooperated with Burmese MI last two weeks ago in Thailand. We are confirmed by the some information sources those two people have been detained by the Thai authorities in Thailand. But Thai government did not officially announce this illegally detaining. According to

Thai government previous history had deported some Burmese students and given all democracy movement information to Burmese military regime.

So we are very concerned about this case and very worried for our comrades. Both two Burmese are recognized by the UNHCR in Thailand. We like to demand to the Thai government that a fair trial be given to them in Thailand as soon as possible.

We understand Thai government has right to take legal action for any one who live without permits staying in Thailand. But according to human rights law Thai government may take legal action for those two Burmese democracy activists with any violation of the Thai government law.

Our demands are to make a fair trial for those two Burmese democracy activists that are trying to get the democracy in Burma.

Yours truly,

Burmese student activists in Sydney

P.O Box 591

Kogarah, 2217 NSW