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                      NEWS AND INFORMATION

                           ..........abolish dictatorship by any means necessary...........

 Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting                                        

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Democratic Socialists letter to Aus Fed. Police

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Statement on the 13th Anniversary Commemoration of the 8.8.88

International ICFTU/ICFTU-APRO /ITS Conference"Democracy for Burma and the ILO Resolution:  Trade Unions in Support

ICEM - A/P International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions ( Asia&Pacific Regional Organisation)

Global Action against Burmese military Embassy  


Tensions spill over outside Myanmar embassy in Australia

Burmese Embassy protesters condemn police action

May Day 2001 statement by Burma Labour Solidarity Organisation BLSO

Statement of Foreign affairs' committee – All Burma Federation of Student Unions upon the current political situation 

Free Min Ko Naing Campaign Committee, Burma  (FMCCB) Statement 

NLD Statements on the 11th Anniversary of 1990 Election Day ( in Burmese )

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Emergency statement of All  Burma Young Monks Union (ABYMU)
Senate Motion by Bob Brown (Australian Green Senator for Tasmania)
Issue of Australian Government Human Rights Training to SPDC
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia response 
Media release on occupation of Liberal Party Head Quarter in Sydney, Australia
The draft proposal for the ACTU Conference
Statement of Free Burma Action Committee to Australian Foreign Minister
Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) statement on DSSK
Media release of Maritime Union of Australia (MUA)
The Sydney Morning Herald news on 8 Sept 2000 Demonstration
Media release from Burma Labor Solidarity Organization ( BSLO)
Letter from ABFSU to ILO
Nov 14 Green Left forum to end forced labour in Burma
Trade Unions worldwide increase pressure on Burmese junta
Letter from Burmese student activists in Sydney to Thai Embassy
Media release of ABFSU on 80th National Victory Day( in Burmese )
CRPP notification 15(in Burmese)
CRPP notification 18(in Burmese)
Students' situation under the military dictatorship
Media release of Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) on 19 Sept 2000
Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia response on Human Rights situation in Burma
Response from Senator Bill Heffernan on Human Rights situation in Burma